Sarah is considered a leading clinician in the treatment of eating and body image issues. She is co founder of treatment clinic BodyMatters Australasia. In her work as a Psychologist, Sarah is well regarded for her warmth, appreciation of the lived experience, integration of carer support and embracing gold standard best practice. Sarah is concerned about the dangerous impact of dieting and the “thin-at-any-cost” culture we live in and champions the non dieting, health centred framework as an alternative paradigm.


Sarah holds a Masters in Public Health and has been integral in challenging toxic cultural messages that perpetuate body shame. Sarah co founded Collective Shout: for a world against Sexploitation, which she Chaired for six of its first eight years. Now a medium sized charity with tax deductibility, Collective Shout is responsible for many significant “wins” that help women feel safer in their own skin, ranging from pulling pornography magazine Zoo from the shelves of Coles to having rapper Tyler the Creators Australian tour cancelled due to his misogynistic lyrics inciting violence against women. Sarah also co founded Endangered Bodies Australia, also responsible for wins such as Facebook removing “Fat” as a feelings emoji.

Sarah is also a passionate speaker, providing education in the topic of body image and eating disorders in prestigious schools, community groups and conferences such as the Association of Independent Schools & Australian New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders.


Sarah can be contacted for media comment or speaking opportunities via BodyMatters on 02 9908 3833 or directly on her mobile 0414765857.